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Makahiki 2021

Makahiki 2021 - Week 1

We invite you on a journey to experience Makahiki, a Hawaiian tradition observing a four-month span reserved for celebration of the new year, peace, and thanks.  The tasks of day-to-day life, war, and certain kapu (laws) were suspended to allow Hawaiians to celebrate the harvest and honor Lono, the god of peace, agriculture, and fertility.  Makahiki marked the beginning of the winter season with cool and rainy weather and Hawaiians used this time to give thanks for the year's harvest and engage in sport, hula, feasting, and rest.  This was a joyous time for all.     

Over the next 4 months, our intention is to share a piece of the Hawaiian culture and to engage you, our ‘Ohana, with the place we here at Hana Nai’a are fortunate enough to call home.  Each week we will share a different aspect of Makahiki season from the sighting of the Makali’i constellation to competitive sports (checkers or a boxing match anyone?) 

We will highlight a local charity whom we will make a donation of 10% of our sales for the week with a minimum of $500.  These organizations do important work for our community ranging from supporting at risk youth and equal rights to perpetuating Hawaiian culture and land preservation.  We hope you will engage with these charities and follow, like and support them in any way you can!  

Our first story speaks of the seasons in Hawai'i and the beginning of Makahiki.

Mahalo (thank you) for embarking on this experience with us!

O ‘Ikuā i pohā kō‘ele‘ele, ‘ikuwā ke kai, ‘ikuwā ka hekili, ‘ikuwā ka manu

‘Ikuā is the month when the dark storms arise, the sea roars, the thunder roars, the birds make a din.– Mary Kawena Pukui
‘Ōlelo No‘eau, Hawaiian Proverbs and Poetical Sayings #2390

Ancient Hawaiians observed only two seasons, a summer and a winter. Kau being the summer, providing warm and dry conditions. Ho'oilo being the winter, offering cool and rainy weather. As Kau (summer) began to transition to Ho'oilo (winter), sunset came earlier, rains fell harder and seas roared louder. This marked that the year was coming to an end. During the month of ‘Ikuā, what we now call late October to early November, Hawaiians knew the start of Makahiki season was soon approaching.

We are proud to partner with Maui Food Bank for our first week of giving.  You can learn more about Maui Food Bank by visiting:

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