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Makahiki 2021

Makahiki 2021 - Week 11

When Hawaiians saw Lonoʻs statue and kapa sails being taken down, it was time to close the Makahiki season. One ceremony that took place was called “kōkō a Maoloha” which means “net of Maoloha” The legend is told about a chief of Hawaiʻi named Waia who was also a demigod. Famine had come to the islands and Waia was able to reach to the sky pull down a large net filled with food. Waia was able to shake the net and food was dispersed throughout the land. Hawaiians would recreated this by filling their own net with coconuts, breadfruit, taro, bananas and sweet potatoes. Four men would shake the net and the kāhuna (priest) would determine how bountiful the coming years harvest would be based on how much food had fallen through.

This week, we will be donating 10% of sales to Hawai'i Community Foundation. HCF helps people make a difference by inspiring the spirit of giving and by investing in people and solutions to benefit every island community.  You can learn more about their mission and how to help at:

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