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The Hana Nai'a retail store is closed. Please email with any questions.
The Hana Nai'a retail store is closed. Please email with any questions.
Makahiki 2021

Makahiki 2021- Week 4

The beginning of Makahiki was marked with the sighting of Nāhuihuiamakaliʻi.  This star constellation is more commonly known as Makaliʻi which means “little eyes”  The western name for this constellation is “Pleiades” or “the Seven Sisters”  Once the kāhuna located the cluster of stars, they would announce Makahiki by displaying white tapa banners from their heiau (temple of worship) 

This cluster of stars has been observed by several ancient civilizations as the beginning of the new year and to worship important gods.  This is noted in historical texts by several cultures around the world, including the Maori and Australian Aborigines, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Maya and Aztec and the Native people of North America. The Pleiades are particularly important in Hindu mythology as well.  We invite you to download a star gazing app and point it towards the Eastern horizon to see if you can spot the constellation.  

This week we are proud to partner with the Maui Humane Society for their invaluable work to care for our island pets.  You can learn more about how to become involved or support their efforts at 

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