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Makahiki 2021 - Week 6

Makahiki 2021 - Week 6

Once the purification process was complete, people would await the coming of Lono.  Hawaiians believed that after praying, Lono would send his spirit into a twelve foot tall wooden carving topped with a figure head.  This carving was called Lonoikamakahiki and would be carried by kāhuna clockwise around the island.  At the boundary of each ahupuaʻa, the kāhuna would stop to collect hoʻokupu (gifts)  

Each family would present their hoʻokupu to the kāhuna, who was representing Lono.  Once the gifts were accepted, the kāhuna conducted a hainaki ceremony.  Hainaki consisted of the kāhuna praying to Lono to remove the kapu so that the Makahiki festival could begin.  

Once this ceremony was completed, kapu (laws) were suspended and the festivities could begin! 

This week we choose to highlight Women's Fund Hawaii who's mission is to support innovative, grassroots programs that empower women and girls in Hawai`i.  You can learn how to support them at:

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